Not all runs go smoothly : 19 miles covered 18.1 run !!

I’d planned a 19 mile run as I’m entered in the Arun River marathon in 4 weeks time. The route I chose mirrored the elevation as much as I could. Setting off from Fareham (Hampshire), along to Titchfield and onto Warsash (all road) then onto the riverbank of the Hamble (8 miles) and up a 1.5 mile hill to the Windhover roundabout, so an out and back 9.5 miles = 19 in total.

As I set off at 5.30pm the sun was still shinning and all was good. The outward 9.5 miles went well and the riverbank section was particularly enjoyable with the yachts bobbing at their moorings. I took the hill at a descent rate and even got a beep from a car full of ladies, who I can only presume were short sighted.

My return leg saw the sun much lower in the sky and a breeze blowing off the river that needed some extra effort. By mile 15 my right thigh was starting to ache and in many ways it’s this kind of run that can be just as constructive as an “issue free” one. As a runner we all hear those “Voices” … “slow down, walk a bit, this is getting hard” etc and it’s a case of managing it.

I slowed down initially and that helped but Titchfield hill had to be walked. I’m no expert but I think you have to listen to your body, blindly fighting against it is an option, but by the time I’d added 2 or 3 walks to ease my thigh I got back into a rhythm. I made a point of stopping my garmin when I walked, 18.1 run 0.9 walked, so in my book the damage limitation paid off.