South Downs Way & QE Park run 17.5 miles – 4/4/15

When we found out that Nikki Yeo from Fareham Crusaders had her 100th Park Run at QE park the Easter run then became easy to plan. Mark Greenfield and myself agreed starting from the Sustainability Centre down to, and through, Queen Elizabeth County park could then be extended across to Chalton and loop back. This route means lots of mud and lots of elevation, (all the good stuff !!) and a few new miles of the Staunton Way to explore too.

On our way around we heard skylarks and came across people setting up a husky sleigh. Once returned to QE Park we had racked up 10.5 miles and met up with our fellow Crusaders. We formed a tunnel of honour for Nikki’s start and completed the 5K. Congratulations to Nikki and we were off again up Butser Hill.

Running up Butser, after a half marathon of country hills and trails, my legs were screaming !! Getting close to your limits is something that can be managed but I think you have to respect them and walk when necessary. The trail levelled off thankfully and the relief of a couples miles of country lanes followed. So 17.5 miles and a calf crunching 2,100 feet of elevation along with a liberal sprinkling of mud meant we were done. A good test of our hill form and all before 10.45am, sorted.