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So, you’d like to know more about my blog, lets jump in with both feet !!


I’ve been running for over a quarter of a century so it’s part of my life now. I ran lots of 10K’s to begin with but when I decided to do something different for my 50th birthday, I chose the North Devon Coastal marathon. Training for such a marathon meant finding countryside and hills which we are fortunate to have in South Hampshire but which I had largely overlooked before.

So, with both the coast and countryside close by, as well as the South Downs Way, I will run off road whenever possible. The aim of this Blog is simply to try and get across how much I enjoy being out there running with my friends and to maybe encourage others to discover it too. Running off road, try it, you’ll be hooked, just like me 🙂

I have now run over twenty marathons and beyond i.e. ultras.

I was very chuffed to be interviewed by Nick Carter for his GosVegas redsofa series. We managed to cram 30 years of running into 7 1/2 minutes 🙂 If you’ve got 7 1/2 minutes spare, take a listen, thanks.


I started blogging in 2015 and towards the end of the year I entered the national 2016 Running Awards Best Blog category. These awards are purely decided on with a general public vote. I was very proud to make it into the last 12 shortlist in my first year. The Awards were at London’s O2 which was a great experience and it was a memorable night talking with other bloggers. I may not have figured in the top 3 but I was very proud that I’d gained an acknowledgement of my efforts, so it’s a huge thank you to everyone that voted. 

I also made the shortlist for the 2017 Running Awards Best Blog. With there being 80 blogs in the category that year, for the same 12 shortlisted places, this was even more pleasing. Once again I had a great night and met lots of blogging friends.

Added to the above I have written race reviews for runultra and I’m proud to have been included in their shortlisted competition for best ultra blog in both 2017 and 2018. I have had race write ups used by both Race to the King and the 3 Forts Challenge in their website marketing. 

I also try to explore the reasons behind my running ….. the where, why and when aspects which also includes mindfulness and wellbeing. So, hopefully my blogs cover races that runners might be thinking about entering as well as inspiration for countryside adventures.   

I’ve been lucky enough to receive products to try e.g. running clothes, head torches and accessories. I’m always happy to post write ups after testing these items. 

After 2019 I decided to step back from entering blog competitions and concentrate more on the blogging process. Expressing the joy I get from running outdoors has always been my main aim and gaining feedback that my words have encouraged people to run off road is fantastic.

In September 2022 I was very pleased to have been included in the Vuelio Top 10 UK Running Blogs listing. This listing is based on content rather than a long drawn out voting process. Being acknowledged in this way is both rewarding and motivating. Knowing that my thoughts are being read and enjoyed is a humbling experience. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to not only “Like” but read my posts. A link to the other great 9 blogs cab be found via this link 2022 Top 10 UK Blogs


Social Media : irunoffroad


I currently follow a similar amount of people that follow me : 5,400 ….. #community


I joined Instagram later and again I’ll follow back other runners or bloggers. For consistency I’m called irunoffroad too  ………….. currently around 1,400 followers / follows.


In March 2023 I decided to create a youtube account and post “short” videos. Head over to my seperate page to find out more.

Thanks for reading. 


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