Recovery run with a few new footpaths thrown in – 29/3/15

Today’s run was a combination of recovery and investigation !! At my age you have to listen to your body and over the last week DSCF3680 I decided today ought to be an easy run after 18,22 & 16 miles over the last 3 weeks. However, that said, you can get a lot out of an easy run if you put your mind to it. Running for the sake of running is a waste, so I had a look at the Hampshire rights of way website in my local area and came up with 3 footpaths I never knew existed. It’s always a pleasure discovering new routes that are parallel or close to roads/pavements and knowing you have found an off road option.

I checked these said footpaths out and now can factor them in, as and when, to future runs. The first use I will put them to is running club training night, this Tuesday. As the hour has gone forward the extra light needs to be used to it’s best advantage this, in my book, means running somewhere different that’s green and brown rather than black tarmac 🙂

Todays 7.5 miles mean I feel I’m rested and ready to ramp it up again next week. I also made a point of running on the grass verge whenever possible for less wear and tear. Finally my Ron Hill Tempest 100% waterproof jacket had it’s first outing, to great effect. I bought it more for long distance runs where you are out on the exposed downs and subject to the elements throwing what they can at you so todays trot in and around town wasn’t quite that, but I thought I’d take advantage of the challenging weather as a tester.

Photo wise, I find the amount of mud on the back of your legs usually equates to the size of the smile on your face 🙂 All in all a very constructive easy run.