Maximise your Wellbeing, Go for a Run !!



Ask yourself does this chap pictured above look stressed or anxious, is he thinking about an important meeting that’s looming at work, is he thinking about the impact Brexit might make on the mortgage rate ….. “NO”, he’s beaming with self esteem.

That chap is me and I’ve just finished the Isle of Wight marathon. My mood has been uplifted, I’ve been living in the moment ever since I boarded the catamaran that crossed the Solent and I’ve just spent 4 & 3/4 hours enjoying myself.

Maximise your wellbeing !!

Running helps me in so many different ways but I’ll cover the “BIG 5” below.

If it helps me …………. there’s no reason why it can’t help YOU.

  • Make a regular payment into the Bank of Me

We spent so much time governed by work timetables, family timetables and quite frankly life timetables that its really important to make some time for yourself. I’m not saying days or weeks just positive short bursts of “Me time” and that’s were my running comes in.

Plan this time around work and family but make sure it becomes a regular slot that everyone is aware of. This way ironically you have included it in your timetable.

I’m also convinced that I’m a better me on my return which benefits my family as well as me.

  • Get Outside

The timetables that dictate so much of our waking hours mean we stay in similar surroundings for long periods. The office, the house, commuting on the train etc etc these locations support why you are there and that’s why I find it so important to relocate outdoors.

Running along a riverbank with sheep to your left and a stream to your right just fills you with positivity and reminds you how valuable a change of scenery is.

  • Give yourself a Self Esteem target

Ok, when I say a target I don’t mean one that will add to your stress I mean one that makes you feel good about yourself. This might be a time for the distance you are running because that will reinforce you are getting fitter, which in turn, improves how you feel about yourself.

However, you could decide on making it to the top of a hill without walking, running for a certain amount of time or quite simply just breathing in the fresh air and feeling alive.

  • Your cumulative Feel Good factor

Once you’ve returned from your run you’ll feel energised, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and you’re much more likely to make healthier food choices. Instead of grabbing a chocolate biscuit it’s much more likely you’ll decide on an apple instead.

With less stress and anxiety I find I don’t crave comfort food, in fact I’m making positive healthy choices to complement my running. Why undo the good work you’ve just achieved.

That cumulative effect will also take you through the night because you are physically tired which makes for a better nights sleep with less pre sleep pondering on what’s happened through the day or what’s ahead of you tomorrow.

  • The Most important step of you run is the first one out of your Front Door

Running is part of my life and has been for thirty years. My mood changes from the minute I know I’m going out and carries on hours after I’ve got back. Running relaxes me mentally even if it challenges me physically.

Whether I’m running on my own or with others I take in my surroundings, I try to absorb the feeling of running through the countryside. The sights and sounds of nature calm you and refresh you.

The time I spend running is quality time, it’s “My time”.

Why not make it “Your Time” or “Our Time” by including your partner or kids.

Happy Running


5 thoughts on “Maximise your Wellbeing, Go for a Run !!

  1. Chloe Jane February 15, 2019 / 8:00 pm

    Well done for completing that marathon! Great post. I used to do running, and I’ve done a few races.. definitely not a marathon but a few 5k ones! Exercise is very good at making us feel good, I used to get so sad about going to the gym or going to my gym classes after work, but then when I had finished and got back home I felt so happy and good about myself!


    Liked by 1 person

    • irunoffroad February 15, 2019 / 8:13 pm

      Thanks very much Chloe I know what you mean, it’s a buzz


  2. strugglinrunner July 25, 2019 / 11:51 am

    Great post, I’m with you on all the above. For me I’ve found that running is so good for my own wellbeing, its like a magic potion for my mood and outlook on life.

    Liked by 1 person

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