Titchfield Tester

Today I ran out towards Titchfield village on a leisurely 5 miler with the sole purpose of testing my recently injured hamstring. It survived !! “Fantastic”. Huge thanks to Jason at Body Fusion for working his magic on Friday. This photo sums up what I’ve been missing.


Now, I’m a runner and not a photographer but I was quite pleased with this ground level photo of the old railway bridge ahead. Anyway, back to the running ….

The outward 2 miles were along the Avenue that leads out of Fareham and I’d settled into a steady pace that could be described more as jogging than running. I’d had no ill effects as I ran down Titchfield Hill and I’d already decidedto take the more scenic route back. A quick photo of the local pub, Titchfield Mill, was then followed by a footpath that runs behind Titchfield Abbey. I took these photos as I was in no hurry and the growing smile on my face was in direct proportion to the distance I’d run, without any twinges 🙂



Passing the Abbey there was a sign that said “closed due to storm damage” but no one was going to mind a quick photo !! The sun was coming out now and I was 3 miles into my run with no issues at all. The next track had a number of puddles from the recent rain, some being as wide as the path its self. I took care not to over stride when tackling the water.

As the railway bridge approached this was a good test with the incline and as I reached the top all that remained were pavements on my way back home. Just to be on the safe side I stopped at 5 miles.

As runners we aren’t very good at being injured but that first run after its been fixed can be quite a nervous time. Thankfully as we approach July and it’s 3 weeks to my Cancer Research Relay all is looking positive. The exercise, enjoyment and enthusiasm are all just around the corner. Rest day tomorrow and a 2nd tester on Tuesday #fingerscrossed 🙂

On a final note I wore my Creative Products “Stretch Pocket belt” for the first time and it was a great success. Two stretchy pockets for your gels, keys, phone etc etc. It worked really well for only £6 !!