Portsdown Hill

Dream catch me ….. summed up my run today, I set out with a rough idea of what I had in mind and an hour and¬†forty minutes¬†later I found myself back home.¬†When you tell people that don’t run how relaxing it can be they find this a difficult concept¬†but that’s exactly¬†how today turned out. After a stressful week I simply wanted to¬†go out and run through some of my favourite local paths.¬†I¬†do hope the video gets across the sense of freedom and enjoyment that can be had from running¬†through nature, whether that’s next to the water or through the fields and crops. The “earthy” smells, the warm breeze on your face, a bird of prey circling overhead … priceless. Paradise Lane lived up to its name too.


Today wasn’t about pace, I stopped to take a photo or video when something interested me and in total¬†did 10.6 miles. The route¬†had an initial climb up Paradise Lane and then Portsdown Hill. I then added 4 short sharp hill reps of Portchester¬†Lane from the farm entrance up to the signpost. Distance wise this is only about a third of a mile but with some 186 feet of elevation !! The steepest section¬†is by the dairy which has been freshly painted and is on the video.¬†If you click on this link Google Maps will transport you there, just click ahead and follow the cyclist.


10.6 miles I hear¬†you say, yes, the 10 was planned the 0.6 was a track on the outskirts of a field I haven’t run through before but it caught my eye and I’ve now got a good head start for my next run as¬†I’m sure it connects with the¬†Allen King Way that heads¬†north west ultimately towards Winchester.

Today’s run was good for my legs after 36 miles two weeks ago but more importantly it was good for my soul ūüôā #happyrunning.