Taper Fun & Strava Invite : Blog N0. 60

Ok so the plan for today was a Park Run followed by a few miles along the coast. With this in mind everything got turned on it’s head when I had to pick the car up at 8.30am on Saturday. So, it was onto plan B, what was plan B ? good question … I didn’t actually have one. Luckily I’m only about a mile and a half from a footpath called the Deviation Line which was used as a link to the Wickham railway.

With only 8 or so miles in mind for today, what with 33 on the horizon next Sunday at The Imber Ultra, it was taper time. I decided to have some fun by taking my camera and experimenting with a video. It’s only short and it isn’t meant to be a masterpiece but hopefully it sums up why I run off road. My Blog will be a year old next week and I’m always looking to add new features to them.

The trail wasn’t too muddy underfoot and the cold crisp air was quite refreshing after spending a week in a hot office. The sights and sounds of the countryside were mixed in with the traffic from the motorway but once I’d run through the underpass that was soon left behind me. I stopped and walk for a horse rider and we both agreed it was a lovely morning to be out and about.

The woods on the other side of Knowle village had an erry silence and I tried to capture that with the shot of the trees blowing in the wind. After all my recent miles turning around after only 4 seemed quite strange !! On my return trip I couldn’t resist jumping a big puddle and dropping down the embankment for a short sharp hill, although as you’ll see in the video I did nearly loose it at the bottom.

In a funny way with today’s blog being the last in a very eventful year and the taper run being preparation for the furthest I’ve ever run, it feels like a moment to reflect on all the time and hard work that I’ve used to get to this point.

  • Will next weeks 33 miles be the springboard to longer distances, who knows ??
  • How will irunoffroad fair in the Running Awards Best Blog, who knows ??

All I know is that I’ve enjoyed writing a Blog a week, for a year, and if people have enjoyed reading them, then they might be kind enough to vote.


Breaking News !!!! Thanks to Strava for inviting me and other Bloggers for a pre Running Awards 5K, Q & A session with special guests and more. Much appreciated.

a1     Thanks for reading …. Rog 🙂







2 thoughts on “Taper Fun & Strava Invite : Blog N0. 60

  1. poorepurr February 28, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the Imber Ultra. I’ve walked and run part of the route as my daughter lives in Westbury. It is beautiful on a good day but steeper, more exposed and windier than is desirable! Having said that, if I ever get beyond half marathon distance I could be interested in giving it a try as it does have a good length cut-off for a slow runner like me. Hope the weather is kind next weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • irunoffroad February 28, 2016 / 3:31 pm

      I’m doing my map homework at the moment !! Have you seen the videos I posted ? Go to my specific Imber Ultra page, cheers


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