Where are we going to run this week ?

Your weekend run will almost certainly be the longest simply because you have the most time available. A Long Steady Run (LSR) will also vary in length depending on what you’re training for. With 52 weekends a year the question still remains, “where ?”


Maps are a great starting point, whether that’s Ordinance Survey (OS) or Google Maps but again you need to know where to look. Researching the area and asking fellow runners will help you choose between flat or hilly, road or countryside, Strava segments or your local park. Personally speaking I like to get off the beaten track and breathe in lungful’s of countryside air, that’s why I’d like to share with you a fantastic site that will answer all your questions.

Gps-routes.co.uk have assembled all the key information in an easy to use format with a huge choice of routes that are only a “click” away. As I have discovered there are hundreds of footpaths, trails and rights of way that you simply wouldn’t know existed unless you’d been told about them.

The “Walking routes in England, Scotland or Wales” are then divided up between counties which makes this resource very specific. You can also find alternative choices of national trails and country parks as well as rail and canal walks. Naturally whenever the site says “walking” we can read “running” in its place !!

Once clicked into your local county there’s an alphabetically listing of the routes and they all have photos, the distance and a summarised description. All of this information will help you make that first decision of which route sounds right for you. Click on the route’s link and a standard format appears. This standard layout is again very helpful when you are comparing one route with another.

The route description is followed by a link to an OS map that can be either viewed, printed or downloaded. The following sections have photos, videos (if available),GPS route downloads and a Google maps option with the route marked in red, so all of the information you will ever need for your LSR. Discover your local area by running it.

Gps-routes.co.uk your next run is only a click away !!