Getting the miles “going again” 11.5 miles of road, nature reserve & coast

With my Barnstaple marathon in 9 weeks time running further was today’s goal. A steady couple of tarmac miles had brought me to Titchfield village and it’s pretty narrow lanes, then onto Titchfield Haven, a local nature reserve, this would ultimately bring me to the coast. The video shows the Haven’s narrow footpath and its meandering canal . The overnight rain had left a number of puddles but wet socks and mud up the back of your legs never hurt anyone 🙂

The morning sunshine had brought a number of animals out, including some inquisitive cows who nodded their approval as I ran past. The path has a few tree lined sections that block out the sky as if you were running down a green tunnel and the canal frequently changes colour between clear, dirty brown and a pea soup green. In no time the coast was in view and after a quick to chat with a lady from Gosport Road runners I was climbing up the narrow path that takes you along the coastal path.

There were an abundance of puddles along the cliff top as well as lots of people out taking in the fresh coastal air. It’s great to see runners, cyclists, walkers, horse riders and family’s enjoying our local area instead of being at home. The Solent waters were busy with all manner of vessels and the large fields hay bails were staked up high almost like yellow towers dotted along the landscape. These are the kind of sights I enjoy will running off road.

I’d reached my 6 mile mark so it was time to turn around and choose my return leg. The nature reserves puddles were nothing compared to the coastal path ones so I quite simply ran through them all not even trying to skirt around them 🙂 Heading back towards the end of the path I realised my late start meant it was time to press on so I chose the roads of Hill Head to return on.

The line of beach huts after Hill Head sailing club always interest me to see who is using them and what they have done to personalise them. Once through Stubbington village that just left 2.5 miles of pavement and I was pleased to average 8 minutes 52 seconds for the 11.5 miles with a sub 4 hour marathon in mind. A pleasant mornings run with plenty to take in along the way.


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