Tree lined Footpaths on a Sunny day : Where will they take you ??

My aim today was to test my back after treatment for trapping a vertebra. I ran the mile and a half to the start of the Deviation Line (a disused railway line) so the country footpaths were mine to choose from. The shade that the tree lined path gives was both helpful from the sun and enjoyable at the same time, after all if there aren’t any hill top views the next best running option is a green tunnel stretching out in front of you.

Today wasn’t about pace just to keep running, as I had some time to spare, I was keen to try a couple of paths I have seen on maps but not actually run down. I left the Deviation Line and ran along a winding, partially overgrown, footpath that took me past a farm and up a lane, then onto the Wickham main road. A brisk 100m along the tarmac took me to Sprincles Lane and next to Whitley golf course. I now know how to link this up with North Segensworth so running home from work will be “largely” on country footpaths from now on 🙂 (De-stress)

The second route I wanted to explore was a small opening along a quiet road I’ve run many times before. The road is between Funtley and Knowle and the gap in the hedge almost resembles a door. (Narnia ?) An unexpected descent brought me to a small wooden bridge over a stream, the track passes a house and winds it’s way again out onto the Wickham main road again. My interest with both the routes I ran today was to see if they joined up going into Whitley woods but that adventure will have to wait for another day.

So, in short my back behaved and I can now look at my map of the area with a mental picture of more routes and how I might link them up. A satisfying 8 or so miles in which I saw virtually no one and had only the sounds of the countryside which create such a relaxing back drop 🙂


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