Creating a Logo … first impressions

With Spring upon us I’ve decided now is the right time to freshen up my social media profile by adding a logo that I can use across all of my platforms for the foreseeable future.

I wanted to design a logo that would capture what I love about trail running, so, it needed to draw on the countryside, be distinctive and leave a recognizable image in the same way that a photograph does but instead of one location it would sum up any trail running adventure.

A great first impression creates a connection which, in turn, helps you “spread the word”, especially as a blogger.

My logo thought process was to imagine I’d never heard or seen of irunoffroad, therefore what would catch my eye when scrolling through social media. I started with a blank sheet and various images in my head.

I’ve portrayed the changing seasons with the different coloured leaves and the chunky natural green font is meant to be both earthy and suggest the calming mindfulness that you absorb while running outside. Locating the text below the trees broadens out the logo and in many ways makes it part of the landscape.

My aim was that the lettering is actually the path / trail / route to the joy you will experience. I wanted to get across the life affirming aspects that trail running give you. When you write in capitals it’s as if you are shouting and even though I would normally use lower case I feel like a logo should shout out at you !!

Finally, I wanted to portray roaming the trails with the freedom that only wide open spaces can give you. In many ways if you look at the trees long enough you can almost see then swaying in the breeze. Hopefully this image transports you out into the countryside while encouraging you to read further.