59.59 and beyond : Running for more than an hour


I’ve set my garmin watch so that after 59 minutes and 59 seconds all is see are the hours and minutes. It’s curious that once I can’t see the seconds then I know I’m on a descent lengths run but more importantly I’ve transitioned into “time on my feet” which is necessary for both building strength and confidence.

A large part of running for me is to escape the pressures and expectations of life. Lets face it, they aren’t going away and naturally they are important but its great to put them on the back burner for a while. Not seeing the seconds flashing past has a calming effect !!

Stress in its many forms can be positive but time out is very important in getting that life balance which so many of us seek.

This Saturdays plan was for twenty miles and to be home by twelve noon. The twenty miles were in preparation for the Portsmouth Coastal marathon, twelve noon was quite simply for lunch with my family. It’s also worth saying here that its worth letting people know where you are running just in case a planned run doesn’t go to plan.

I kept my route simple, ten miles out and ten miles back with a mix of terrain both underfoot and in terms of elevation. The 600 feet elevation was an attempt to add an extra degree of effort which will help when running the flat marathon. The route was simply to enjoy the autumn colours.

Autumn colours Run trails running blog blogger
Autumn Leaves Trail running

The rain that greeted me for the first hour meant I could trial wearing a few layers as well as a jacket and cap. This might sound like overkill but it’s always good to assess how you feel with various combinations of kit and then you know what suits you on certain days. After all you need to know what’s comfortable if you are out for a while. Vaseline can also be helpful on friction points like toes and underarms 🙂

When I’m running for longer time periods I break it down into either time slots or landmarks that I’m aiming to reach, this way it all seems more achievable. Even the out and back approach means that would probably be an hour and three quarters out and the same back, which immediately sounds less than three and a half hours straight !!

Running for longer periods certainly helps me with my mental resilience, it’s laying down an experience that can be called upon in future weeks. I’ve also made a point of running a similar route but adding on additional miles form previous weeks i.e. 7 out and 7 back, then 9 and 9 and now 10 and 10.

As each hour ticks by I also find a growing level of self belief which in turn boosts your anticipation for the remainder of your run. Naturally this needs an even pace and in many cases a slower pace if you are extending the time you’ve been out previously.

Distance running is as much about mental belief as it is about pure pace.

Naturally where you are running ought to be inspiring because if you are committing yourself to a few hours then you want all of your senses to be rewarded.

I notice I smile more on longer runs because by definition there’s more to take in. This run brought me into contact with the beautiful autumn scenery as well as horse riders, mountain bikers, walkers and the occasional squirrel.

Having enough resources in terms of food and drink is important and I always include a “get out of jail card” such as a garage or local shop that I can pop into in the later stages of my run if required. This is were a good running vest comes into its own. I drink squash and combine it with SIS gels (orange) and SIS Go energy bars (banana fudge).

Trail running trails run runner off road blog blogger blogs
Running vest

The waistcoat nature of a running vest means numerous pockets and easy access to your drinks. The majority of the time there’s no need to stop which is invaluable as I find continuous motion is much better than stops and starts. That said there’s always time for a photo of where I’ve been and not just the washing line which my vest was hanging on 🙂

People often say to me what do you think about, well, the very nature of being on the move means your surroundings are constantly changing so I alternated between quiet country lanes, muddy tracks, uphill, downhill, wet and dry weather conditions and then an occasional horse, along with like minded people who I see getting outdoors. All of which are thought provoking.

Distance running for a certain amount of time can almost become hypnotic especially on solo runs but I’m a strong believer that what you miss out on, conversation wise, you benefit with inner satisfaction when completing a long run on your own steam. That said having company does make the miles pass quicker.

Naturally everyone needs to build up their miles and even an extra mile a week with occasional shorter runs, to ease back, can help. Do what suits you.

One other factor when considering being out for a while is the mud that had collected on my trainers and the back of my legs which is always amusing to whoever might see me on the final tarmac mile and a half of my runs.

So in summary, a long run will help you sleep at night due to the efforts but you’ll also retire knowing that your mood has been lifted, your abilities improved, your confidence boosted and the knowledge that you can be proud of what you’ve achieved.

This achievement is time orientated but not necessarily the pace you ran at, its the time you were out for.

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Full Steam Ahead !! 14 miler


After last weekends eighteen mile run I decided to drop back to fourteen this week and prepare myself for a twenty / twenty one miler next weekend.

With HMS Prince of Wales being in dock at the moment this was a perfect excuse to run down and take a photo, after all its not everyday you see an aircraft carrier !!

My mood has been buoyant after the success of a three hour stint last week and coupled with this I’m into my third week of eating better too. I’m convinced its having an effect as I definitely feel that I have more energy.

I’m taking full advantage of the vegetarian options at work and alternating this with jacket potatoes and side salads. After recently watching the Game Changers Netflix film meat consumption and a plant based diet are topics I’m looking into both for my general health as well as supporting my running.

These small steps I’ve outlined, when combined with taking three pieces of fruit to work as well, can only help !! When I saw a vegan sausage roll in Greggs while picking something up for my daughter I couldn’t resist buying one and I’m pleased to report it was quite tasty. I saw this week that Chris Froome is the latest high profile athlete to follow this route. I’ll keep you posted.

Trail running healthy run runners trails off road

Todays run featured a mile or so of muddy field running and then after that it was flat and tarmac. Now, flat and tarmac aren’t my preferred option but I decided I couldn’t miss the aircraft carrier. My pace was good initially and I was pleased not to drop below ten minute mileing for all fourteen.

After all, ten minute miles will give you a 4.22 marathon and at this stage I’d take that. The early chill meant I ran with my egloves and as the sun began to appear it was one of those bright and cold mornings that keep you focused.

The six miles down to my viewing point were even paced and I saw a number of people driving through Gosport on route to the Gosport Half marathon which, as usual, was fully booked. Congratulations to everyone who ran it.

The return leg of my run meant heading for Stubbington and avoiding the fields because quite frankly I was moving well so I decided to work on maintaining my pace.

It’s gratifying when your pervious weeks efforts seem to be paying off and I kept a steady pace.

running runner irunoffroad endurance strava mud off road
Strava trail running

As you look at my Strava photo you may wonder why I’ve added the phrase “Jolly Roger” , well I was pleased with my run and as coincidence would have it I’d passed a pub near Priddy’s Hard with just that name. Fait …. ha ha !!

ship2With five weeks to the Portsmouth Coastal marathon I’m pleased with my progress and with the Naval aspect from today the phrase “Full Steam Ahead” seemed quite apt for my blog.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone that read my “Life Affirming” blog from last week. I had a lot of positive feedback which is both pleasing and hopefully may have inspired others to #getoutside and experience the joys of exercise in the fresh air 🙂

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A Life Affirming run


The definition of life affirming is, quite simply, an emotional uplifting effect. My eighteen miles on Saturday were just that. This run was my longest in four months, both in terms of distance and time and it helped me to answer some questions that have been nagging me.

“Why do I run” might sound peculiar as I’ve been running for over thirty years but perhaps its only when you are questioning yourself that you truly come up with the answer that’s in your heart of hearts.

I’m in the later stages of training for the Portsmouth Coastal marathon and with six weeks to go I needed a three hour run. That’s exactly my point, “needed”, not wanted to or was looking forward to, more that it was necessary.

However, by the time I finished I’d achieved much more than eighteen miles and three hours on my feet, I’d tapped into my self belief, self confidence and self esteem. In short I’d improved both my mental and physical health.


Our bird bath with a thin covering of ice.

As I left the house it was a cold morning and on reflection I should probably have started with gloves but in a funny way being cold heightens your senses. I’d made one concession to the cold and that was to wear my favourite Helly Hansen long sleeve base layer. This one garment says “long cold run” as soon as I put it on. It’s a comfort blanket in many ways because I know I’ll be warm and protected from the elements.

As I left the tarmac pavements at a mile and a half I was presented with an Autumnal pallet of coloured leaves laid out in front of me. Natures gold, yellow, brown, green and copper patchwork once again heightened my senses as I took it all in.

In recently weeks I’ve been working on increasing my miles and its days like this that make you appreciate why you commit yourself to marathon training, you feel alive !!

With each passing season I realise I’m closer to sixty than fifty and that maybe my most athletic years are behind me but in distance terms there’s no reason why I can’t improve. Having running as both your hobby and your passion means fitness, health and even longevity are all being given a helping hand.

Rtail running off road irunoffroad trails run runner
Meon Valley trail

With it being Remembrance Sunday the tree lined old railway track, that heads out of Wickham, almost looked like soldiers standing on parade either side of me. The wind picked up briefly and shook the branches. I had multi-coloured leaves falling down on me as I ran through, it was beautiful.

The smile on my face lasted for the rest of my run, through fifteen miles which had been my longest recent run and through the rain that met me in the last two miles. That rain didn’t dampen my spirits and my abiding memory from this run, along with the falling leaves, was what crossed my mind in the rain.

“You’ve still got it Rog”, was what I said to myself out loud. This may sound a little arrogant but trust me I wasn’t running fast enough to be showing off !! This wasn’t a mojo moment this was emotional. I connected with my running 🙂

I was living my running, I was uplifted and it was life affirming.

Go for a run and find your positive place !!

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