10 miles & an Air Traffic Control Tower #history


I only had 90 minutes to play with today so I decided to take in an historic sight which has now been modernised. I do enjoy exploring the past, taking in the surrounding area and imagining what was taking place years ago. One such place locally to me is the Solent airport.

The airport was previously HMS Daedalus and the vast expanse of land is gradually being developed with new businesses, potential housing and an engineering college.

What I was really interested in was the runway that RAF planes had used in WW2 and the iconic control tower which would have masterminded all the comings and goings of British and other nationalities aircraft. In fact on June 6th D Day, 435 sorties were flown, the most by far of any UK airfield.

The recently modernised control tower also now has a café and they have done an excellent job of charting the airfields history and significance. If you are local you’ll need to approach the CEMAST college turn off and then turn left along the perimeter fence, past the new driving test centre and businesses.

Image-12 The helicopter straight ahead was an impressive sight but the boards that commemorated the sites history were even better.


Image-15I’ve run past the outer perimeter fencing numerous times so now that the site has been opened up commercially it made a great detour but still meant I could gauge my ten mile run. My mile splits were all pretty even so I’m looking forward to pushing up the mileage.

Two cyclists were just arriving as I turned back on my return leg and with the café being open seven days a week as well as it having patio benches outside, a small slice of history can be taken in along with a slice of cake !!


My aim for today was 10 miles at a steady 9 minute per mile pace which I was spot on. Its good to appreciate what the RAF and many others did for our country in desperate times. You could almost imagine the spitfires taking off.

Running isn’t always about pace and time, it can be about discovery and appreciation too. Thanks for reading 🙂


Goodwood Running Grand Prix : Marathon


Goodwood’s famous motor racing circuit is the venue for a Running Grand Prix held by RunThrough . Yes it’s only 5 weeks away, however, its flat and I’m really excited to be lapping this historic course, even if a little slower than the drivers.

The venue is fairly close to me and I decided that before I amerce myself in Autumn trail running I’d have a pop at a tarmac surface that’s also in the countryside. So, it’s a case of packing in the miles and fine tuning my engine … ha ha … I’m more of a family saloon than a racing car 🙂 ……………and with quite a few miles on the clock !!



I haven’t settled on my next trail race yet but I’m hoping it will be the Beachy Head marathon as its at the other end of the South Downs Way and I’m keen to explore that neck of the woods.

That’s it for this update, thanks for reading and enjoy your running 🙂

Me being interviewed by Alton Sports !!

Thanks very much to Nick from Alton Sports and Gosvegas Running for asking me to sit for one of the #redsofa interviews. The shop that’s located in Gosport caters for all of your running requirements along with Wednesday evening and Saturday morning free runs.

The Alton Sports shop and Nick are at the hub of our local running community.


I’ve been running for 30 years now so the 7 & 1/2 minutes chat covered quite a few topics as well as my blogging. The shop offers Nick’s years of experience and a wide selection of shoes, clothing and accessories.

Image-10 The Gosport shop is Alton Sports fifth and I’m sure there will be a sixth and seventh in time to come !!

I feel privileged to have been asked and I hope you find it as entertaining as I did making it 🙂 Whether you are an experienced runner or someone setting out on your parkrun journey there’s great advice and stock just waiting for you.


Have a great weekend and happy running 🙂

P.S. I’m chuffed to say that as of this evening the video has had 400 views on facebook and 80+ on twitter. Thanks for watching today.




Lanzarote Run


My Strava account may suggest I ran considerably more than five miles but unless there was a hidden treadmill on the plane I can only take credit for the shorter journey. I think we owe it to our families to take breaks from our sport but when my wife said “why don’t you go for a run” I seized the opportunity.

An average week in the UK consists of a 9.5 mile round trip cycle commute Monday to Friday, a long run at the weekend and fitting in a couple of cheeky short runs when I can.

In comparison with an all inclusive week of glorious food and alcohol, on tap (literally) it was a relief to be lacing up my trainers. Don’t get me wrong I’m as good at overindulgence as the next runners …. for example, when you can’t make up your mind between vodka and orange or vodka and lemon …. have them both 🙂


I left the complex at around 6.30 pm on a balmy evening with the every present Lanzarote breeze in my face and the seafront ahead of me. The breeze can fool you into thinking it’s cooler than it is but the fact that I could wring out my t shirt when I got back just proved how warm it still was.

The volcanic nature of the island made for contrasting views on my run, lush green palm trees on the one hand and dark colour sand in comparison.


Before taking on the seafront and its hurly burly I couldn’t resist planting my footsteps on the sand nearest to me. If the dark sand looked like it could have come from the moon then my solitary steps must have been like “Neil Armstrongs”.

I weaved my way between the locals and tourists and took note that the two meter wide cycle lane was also a popular alternative. Yes that’s right a cyclist shouted at me to get out of his lane … well I guess that was what he said judging by his hand gestures.

One feature that reoccurred a number of times along my route were these heart shaped padlocks. The various messages were interesting to read but I decided to press on 🙂

20180716_164647 I ran at a comfortable pace and made mental notes of interesting places I’d like to return to, on our walks into town. The coast may have been immediately to my left but a glance over to the right revealed the towering reminders of this volcanic island.

375BB3BE-B5A0-4DC6-A9B2-07B582A37FB0 Suffice to say I could have kept on running and exploring but I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for well over an hour … ha ha …. so I turned around near the giraffe, yes you read that correctly, the giraffe and headed for home.

18564789-1FBE-4867-964D-B975A62CBF2BRunning literally broadens your horizons and even though I’d only been out for three quarters of an hour I’d thoroughly enjoyed my trot. OK a number of people had looked at me with questioning expressions, like … “running”, on holiday, really ?? but as you’ll know when it’s part of your life its a habit that’s hard to break.

All that was left to do was to concentrate on some hydration ….. holiday style 🙂