Dorchester “road” Marathon

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, a road marathon ????? Where does the irunoffroad angle come into this. Well, over the years I’ve driven through Dorchester numerous times and quite simply, I like its character.

After watching film my runs video I also spotted three of my running club friends. Mel, Paula and Sarah ran last years inaugural race. Personal recommendations go along way in my book so when our ladies heartily approved the run, then that was good enough for me, even if it’s only six weeks away 🙂

In summary, White Star Running’s 26.2 miles of country lanes, combined with a section of the high street, meant “resistance was futile” !!

I’m looking forward to a different kind of running experience. The combination of a race village, spectators, history and the Dorset countryside means I’ll be running the tarmac !!

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