Looking forward …. it’s a state of mind


It’s unusual for me to be sitting here contemplating a blog that explains my current state of mind. I don’t want to sound pretentious and expect people to be interested in my specific thoughts but at the same time I hope this resonates with other runners and you find it worthwhile reading on !!

I ran every day from January 1st to the 24th totalling 98 miles then on day 25 I caught a virus that gave me dizzy spells and meant I had to settle for short walks on the remaining days up to the 31st.

As every runner will tell you their biggest frustrations is not being able to run. OK that’s the self indulgent part over. Yes I walked for a few days instead of running so I did achieve the Run Every Day, in spirit, even if not technically 100% to the letter.

After visiting the doctor to find my blood pressure was normal for someone of my age and giving a blood sample the following week that had no adverse results then you’d have thought it would be all systems go. However, I think you know within yourself whether you are ready to commit to a long run in the middle of know where or stick with shorter local runs.

Yesterdays relatively tame 6 & 1/2 miles with 8 hill reps was one of those workman like runs that’s worthwhile without being overly exciting. However, the first of those 8 hills brought it home to me that I’m ready to push on with my training and get back to the distances and enjoyment that I get from being out in the countryside running with friends for a few hours at a time.

Yes, North Hill, I owe you. My plan was a mile and a half warm up and then “attack” North Hills strava segment which is a regular running club gauge of hill strength. My previous position of 79th out of 486 over this short sharp 0.9 of a mile had taken 41 seconds. So, to find I took 43 seconds today was very rewarding and a real trigger to the rest of this year.

In short, this one hill has change my state of mind from a ship without a rudder to one of purpose and excitement 🙂 Running is much more than a hobby to me so that sense of purpose rather than just going through the motions means a great deal.


We all have our triggers, I guess we just need to find them. Thanks for reading, I promise my next blog will be all about the running and not my state of mind 🙂


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