Being a Guest Blogger

DSC00726Over the last couple of months I’ve twice been asked to contribute a piece about my running experiences and I’m both pleased and proud to have been asked. All my blogs have the underlying aim of promoting trail running so I’ve enjoyed contributing to both the runr clothing brands #irunbecause with a blog entitled Why I chose the trails and recently on the Winchester Bloggers website with Running the Winchester Ways

The nature of a long run through the country also lends itself to occasional photos. Keeping a look out for interesting examples of what you may come across certainly adds to your thought process as the miles tick by. The right photo can really add depth to your narrative.

The Winchester Bloggers request was a great example of not only covering a lovely part of the world but being able to step back in time and research some of the history that laid behind the route I took. So many trails lay undiscovered by the general public and it’s a real privilege to not only run them, but to promote them.

As a blogger I think its great to widen your horizons by reading about other peoples passions and how they express themselves. I looked at food, drink and lifestyle posts on the Winchester site. We can all learn off each other 🙂

Keep on blogging and maybe have a read of my two posts above !!