Gosport Golden 24 – support


The Gosport Golden 24 is a new event that started on Saturday 12 noon and finished Sunday 12 noon today. The basic idea was to use the measured Golden mile that’s already an established race and simply invite runners to contribute both miles and money to charity. The coastal tarmac route is a scenic mile of Stokes Bay, close to Gosport itself and also offers great views of the Isle of White. As this photo suggests some runners were more tired than others 🙂

Clothing sales had generated the majority of sponsorship before the event even started with the funds going to Depression Friends and the Brathay trust ….. “GG24”

When I arrived at 8am for an hours recovery run after last weekends Purbeck marathon all I had to do was add my name to the ever growing list. A variety of local club running vests were in evidence and it wasn’t long before I bumped into Johnny that I’d met at and Absolute Running 5.45 evening. Unfortunately the reason I struck up a conversation was because Johnny had clearly injured himself.

If Johnny did need rescuing we were in the right palace !!


As we walk/jogged while Johnny and I were talking both Shane and Roman from the Endurance Hub came into view so it was a hello and good morning to them and then I set off running again. Naturally with the route being a mile out and back you saw people on a regular basis. Ben Jarvis from Gosport Road Runners (GRR) was the next person I recognised, Ben did last weeks Purbeck marathon and when we talked later he’d run a 50K yesterday too.

By now the sailors were getting their yachts organised for racing out on the water and the junior run was being organised too. It was at this point I saw Lee Rhodes from Bayside Tri club who use Stokes Bay for their open water swimming but today he was a supportive parent.


The friendly nature of this low key event certainly came through with numerous “well done” and “morning” comments. As I came to the end of my hour I could see quite a few runners gathered at the start/finish HQ tent. I signed for my mileage and almost immediately saw Paul Pickford (Blue top), Fareham Crusaders new men’s captain for the 2017/8 season. We only had a quick chat as Paul was just about to set off running but there was still time for a couple of photos with Shaun and Ronan (Blue caps) & Ben (thumbs up).

DSC00669DSC00668DSC00670By all accounts there’d been a great response from runners attending on the Saturday and into the night. As I left more people were arriving so all in all the event sounds like its been a huge success. The number of a thousand miles had been mentioned as the target for the 24 hours, I may have only contributed a small amount to this but I felt part of the great effort everyone made.

Well done to the three organisers Terry, Steve and Rob for harnessing the community spirit that our local runners possess. If the event is repeated in 2018 I’ll be back for a much longer run 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gosport Golden 24 – support

  1. Rebecca September 25, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    I saw you running by as we were setting up juniors but didn’t want to interrupt as you were speaking to someone 🙂

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