The Run Company, Tomtom gps watch & Xmas lights


This Wednesday evening I took a drive over to neighbouring Sussex for a visit to The Run Company in Chichester. James the owner and Tony the manager host regular mid week runs and quite frequently invite along a running related sports rep, tonight it was Tomtom sports gps watches.

With the temperature at a balmy 1.5 degrees the Chichester Christmas lights gave a warming welcome as I parked up (free after 6pm, please note other towns). A good 20 or so runners were chatting away when I arrived all set for a brisk 5K and the chance to talk about and try out the gps watches. I was greeted by Tony, the enthusiastic manager, who I’d tweeted earlier to say I’d be there and I also saw my running friend Ros too.

dscf5047There were a selection of watches to try with the Tomtom runner 3 being my choice. Features wise I could write a whole new blog about but gps, route exploration, 24/7 activity tracking, goal setting and interval training modes were just some of the options we talked about. The built in heart rate monitor made the cardio model my choice for the nights run. I’d just stepped outside and picked up the gps signal and we were off !!

I don’t know Chichester that well but we were guided around the busier town centre with its inviting pubs and restaurants as well as out towards the university. The centre piece of the Christmas lights was a large tree I managed to get a quick photo of before we ran past.


I chatted to Ros about her first marathon, the Portsmouth Coastal, that’s coming up on the 18th and before we knew it we were heading back to the shop. On our return to the warm Run Company I chatted to the rep about all the Tomrom runner 3 cardio data that could be downloaded, wow !! , lots !! Time was against me to stay for too long but I had a quick chat and picked up a leaflet from John who develops training plans with his Pure Sports Performance company and to round the evening off a quick chat with Tony and James to thanks them. It’s a bit of a drive from home to Chichester but it’s always good to run somewhere different, talk to different people and actually get to try out kit rather than just read about it. If you’re in Sussex or just over the border like me, pop in and have a look around at The Run Company.

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