12 miles & 8 hills but more importantly “I listened to my Legs”

It’s a busy weekend for me so I will have to keep this relatively short. I didn’t know when I was going to run today so when a few hours¬†were on the cards at¬†12.30¬†I jumped at the chance.¬†My plan was 1 &¬†3/4 miles to the bottom of Titchfield Hill and then as many hills as I could fit in.¬†The hill can be used as a roller coasted as it climbs up half a mile either side of the lowest point where the village is. Both of the half mile climbs have a 100 feet elevation and a grass verge next to the tarmac pavement to save on pounding your knees downhill and making a springy more challenging uphill experience ūüôā

I’d only just started the first hill when two cars worth of encouragement came from Claire Jeffrey and another well wisher, who knew my name, but I couldn’t make out them (sorry). The trees that line the hill are fast loosing their leaves now¬†but the sight of orange leaves on particular trees was quite a sight. My breathing was good and my legs were working well so a target of 10,12 even 14 hills¬†looked achievable. Having watched the SAS program with their¬†ascent of Pen y¬†Fan I was inspired to push myself today.

Hills 2 to 6 passed without any hitch and¬†the forecast rain seemed a long way off. Nikki Yeo shouted out of her car as I dropped down towards Titchfield Mill (a converted pub) and¬†all was building well, until, a “tweek” on hill 7 and a growing realisation on hill 8 that¬†my hamstring was getting tighter. Why¬†? Hmmm … maybe I didn’t warm up enough,¬†should¬†I have included some recovery flat sections between the¬†descents &¬†ascents¬†? All of which was academic, a decision needed making and¬†I called it, at the top of hill 8 I carried onwards back home.

Lessons Learnt :-

  • Even with taking it easier at the end, a¬†2 hour run is still a¬†2 hour run
  • 8 hills and 800 feet of elevation are in the training bank
  • I know in my head I had plenty more to give¬†so “mentally” it was a success
  • Warm up more¬†!!
  • I¬†did the right thing, no regrets,¬†just add some extra miles onto another run
  • And finally, Listen to your Legs ……. “If you listen to them when they whisper to you, you won’t have to hear them scream late on” ūüôā