5K speed work, “Absolute Running’s” race & a 2nd 5K as a test

I decided to mix up my marathon training with some speed work last night. The perfect opportunity for this was Absolute Running’s Gosport 5K Summer series. Absolute Running (AR from now on) are a driving force in running and triathlons locally, with a shop in Gosport and numerous initiatives all based around community involvement. This might sound like an advert for them but AR’s Nick Carter and his enthusiasm have made a big impact. While warming up you could see lots of local club vests and it was good to see Mike Bell from Stubbington Green runners, who I haven’t seen for a while.

DSCF4142    ar1

The 5K course has plenty of parking, the Bayside Cabin Café for registration, food and drink before and after, as well as sea views and it’s completely flat. I met Nikki Yeo beforehand who was returning from holiday (tanned) and as we set off AR’s Nick was leading the way on his bike.

The light rain was actually quite refreshing after the recent heat as we ran along Stokes Bay promenade. The two loops around the field, just back from the coast, meant the leading runner overtook me but then again it does mean every one sees each other more, rather than the “whippets” disappearing into the distance and the “steady” runners loose touch. The marshalling was very good and all of them were encouraging.

Time wise I dug in for the final few hundred metres for 23.14 which I was happy with, as I couldn’t have done much more. The race had certainly given my lungs a good work out. We had a handful of runners from the club so well done to Paul, Lee, Mark, Nikki and Joy with a special mention to Liz Farquharson who won her age category. The café was doing a good trade when I set off on my 2nd 5K which I did in 25.59 so as to help my endurance. I am trying more speed work than I would normally in my marathon training and it is definitely helping. All in all a friendly 5K with everything you need and a great work out 🙂 Thanks to AR’s Nick & the marshals.

DSCF4145 DSCF4144


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