7 Hill reps of Portchester Lane & 1,900 feet of elevation

Today’s run was all about packing in as much elevation as possible into a relatively short space of time. I had set myself 2 hours as a target and knew where I was going after last weeks hills. Portchester Lane was my chosen hill, if you click on the link at the beginning of this sentence it takes you to Google Maps Street view, hide the images at the bottom of the page and click up and down the Lane to your heart’s content. Equally for a profile click on  Portchester Lane Strava as another guide. “Yes” !! I have worked out how to name the Links 🙂

One quick note, the Lane is meant to be “Access Only” but if you ever run/cycle it keep your eyes open for traffic, that said, I watched a grey squirrel bounding up the Lane ahead of me that showed no fear of any cars.

The Lane’s 270 feet of elevation starts with a steady climb that levels out and then kicks up hard, followed by another good section up to the junction. When you are running slower it’s surprising what you notice, butterflies and bees but not necessarily pot holes (watch the video). Hills aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but as I turned to approach my 7th time I tried to record the sense of achievement and pleasure I had gained from the experience. My compression socks worked well and I had no signs of cramp.

So 2 hours in the sunshine and the best part of 1,900 feet run in less than 10 miles (even if it was on tarmac) with a classic 1 mile warm up/down through the fields meant I finished at peace with the world and completely relaxed, in only a way that us runners would understand.

The beauty of running for longer distances in the countryside is I’m less worried about pace, I can just stop, pause my watch, and take some video footage 🙂

P.S. My Fareham Crusaders hoody came yesterday …. My Club, my passion, my running 🙂