Fellow runners – Fareham Crusaders & others – 21/2/15

Running can be an individual thing were you loose yourself in your thoughts or you simply switch off, relax and think about nothing at all. Since¬†Christmas I’ve been running a lot with Mark Greenfield who has basically “been there and done it”.¬†The miles do pass quicker with company and I’m sure once the Spring marathons pass we will have more company.

The video above is a matter of seconds long but summed up a 2 hour plus run. Get up early and¬†soak up the first rays of sunshine on a cold and crisp morning¬†as nature wakes up with you. Training runs don’t even need to be part of a plan heading towards an event, they can just be enjoyable.

Running with club mates and like minded long distance people means you are sharing your spare time with other people that “get” what you are about and that’s a great buzz.

“Come on down” !!!