SKINS Compression socks


By definition running off road entails hills and changing terrain, all of which test your legs in different ways at different times. Cramp, soreness and recovery time can all follow on from a good trail run …. but “not necessarily”.

Due to all of the above I started wearing knee length compression socks about four years ago. I was both surprised and pleased when SKINS contacted me asking if I’d like to try theirs. I’m always keen to try out new endurance kit and especially from SKINS who are the “go-to” name in compression. I wore these Essential active compression socks

Their package arrived two days before the Dorchester marathon, however, the golden rule of marathon running is never  to wear something new. That said you don’t need to be running marathons to gain the benefits of compression.

My Strava map shows the terrain that I had in store.


I chose Butser Hill that’s located in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, just South of Petersfield. A beautiful sunny South Downs morning made for a perfect run.

Trail running is demanding so if you can run for longer before fatigue sets in then you can cover a greater distance and hopefully you won’t run out of steam before the end of your race.

Wearing knee length socks doesn’t come naturally (unless you’re a footballers) it’s usually quite a performance pulling my old socks on. The skins were far easier and my toes felt supported rather than restricted.

Reducing the risk of injury will keep you on track, as well as avoid those annoying set backs which are so frustrating. Saying that reduced muscle vibration and stability makes for more efficient movement sounds very grand but the confidence that I’ve gained while wearing them comes from no cramp in the last four years and today the SKINS performed every bit as well.

I’d almost say I forgot I had then on, very comfortable. I took in the butterflies and the scent of the Summer flowers while progressively working my way up and down the hills.


Today was only 10K ish as it was a recovery run but I thought I’d “test” myself and my socks as there’s only two weeks until the 3,000 feet elevation marathon. The 1,300 feet elevation meant I had views clear across to the Isle of White which gives you a flavour of how steep the hill is, as well as the graphics above.

Uphill, downhill, ploughed fields, Winter mud and Summer hard rutted trails …. I’ve thrown a lot at my legs 🙂 ……. but compression socks have kept them in good shape and I’ve got a feeling these SKINS are going to be even better.

I’m no scientist but the increased blood flow means more oxygen being available to your muscles during running which makes for more energy. The reduced lactate in your legs gives you an air of confidence. Running is as much a mental battle as a physical one.

The wicked effect acts the same way as your technical t shirt and in the colder months they’ll keep your calves warm too.


You know it’s a testing hill when there’s a trig point at the top !!

Once back at the car park I wore a pair of standard sports socks. After longer runs it’s comforting to know that you won’t have swelling and your legs will actually be fairly flexible. A reasonable nights sleep is important after a long run and again SKINS compression socks will really help with that.

Yes I only did a relatively short run but I loved my SKINS and I’m eager to give them a longer run out next week.


My SKINS passed with “flying colours” as todays “views from the shoes” shows ….. the blue and white was quite striking rather than maybe a traditional black.

In summary, perform better, recover faster ……. I loved them, an investment for the future.