Race Listings


People often ask me where are the best race listings for marathons and ultra marathons. My answer is Apex Sports compile a great listing that’s frequently updated on its website.

I’ve lost track of the times people have asked this question on social media so I asked Apex, who aren’t too far away from me in Farnham, if I could add their listing links to my Blog. They said yes in a typical “all inclusive” / “running community” way so here they are below.

I’ve also included a link to their comprehensive website that has a huge variety of running shoes, clothes and accessories. Thank you Apex Sports for compiling and sharing these race listings.


Ultra Marathons

Apex Sports

For all the distances up to a marathon I’d use the ABC race listings as I find these very helpful too. These races are more specific to the South but you can alter your area.

Southern Running guide

As much as I enjoy training there’s nothing like a race to get that adrenaline going !!