Don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future, simply “live” in the present.

When I read this it really struck a cord with me. As a trail runner you are constantly presented with options, two paths, right or left, which is more overgrown, which has the morning due on the grass, where’s there shade from the sun ….. in short, you are living in the moment !!

You are processing whatever comes your way, you are challenging yourself with what’s happening to your mind and body, the emotions and all your senses. Through running I’m 100% living in the present and I’m loving it.


We use all of our senses when exploring our running experience. The sights of a beautiful route, the smell of the scented wild flowers, the sound of the birds, touching an old wooden gate that takes you to the next field and then tasting your well earned drink.

Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved with your run, don’t worry if the pace wasn’t quite what you’d hoped for.

You spend the majority of your time in your head rather than your body. Stop problem solving and list writing, switch your brain off and go use your legs and lungs instead !!

Well-being for me is a sense of contentment, peacefulness and connecting with a place or with people, that’s my running through the countryside with friends in a nut shell.

I’m keen to learn more about mindfulness and well being so this blog is just the start of my personal journey. I look forward to updating this page and I hope it might strike a cord with others too 🙂


Sorting out my running “stuff” draws and wardrobe has also been a very constructive move. No more rummaging, no more frustration …..

“There’s a place for everything and everything has its place” ….

#sorted !!