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Blogging and social media clearly go hand in hand so naturally it’s rewarding when someone who’s established in the area that you have a passion for recognises the contribution that you are making to your shared interest.

This post isn’t a display of bragging rights it’s simply to celebrate a small but very meaningful event that happened at the weekend.

What event ? Well, trail running magazine followed my irunoffroad twitter account. “Big Deal” I hear you cry ha ha, well in my little trail running world it is a big deal and the rest of this blog is me attempting to explain why.

Firstly, the trail running magazine has 57.3K followers on twitter and it only follows 2,069 people, one of whom is now me, irunoffroad.

My account has always had a similar amount of followers and following because I am a firm believer that as a running community we all feed off each other and I see no point in being elitist.

With twitter, instagram and my blog I’ve always set out to share the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy as a trail runner. What’s always rewarding is when a small amount of recognition comes your way.

The running philosophy that I adapt is quite simple, I’m out in the fresh air having a great time. Trail running gives you the freedom to explore beautiful locations that change every three months with the seasons. Natures never ending cycle of new beginnings, growth, maturity and then hibernation means there’s always something wonderful to take photos of and talk about.

I’m always keen to retweet, share and like interesting posts from other runners from up and down the country as well as far and wide around the world.

I believe we all have so much to share and if any of my content inspires others then that’s a real joy. I am inspired on a daily basis by the runners I engage with across social media.

The magazine is the only UK publication dedicated to off road running and everything that that entails. As you might have guessed I’m chuffed to have been followed by the guys. The features, photographs and regular columns of the actual mag are complemented by their great twitter content.

Enjoy your running and keep up the great work of spreading the trail running word. The social media running community is both supportive and encouraging. Lets lace up our trainers, run and then share the experience.

Thanks for reading …. Roger

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